Margot Robbie the Australian superstar

With her infectious beautiful smile, Margot Robbie is definitely a super talented actress. The 26 years old Australian actress is the successful girl next door. Known by the dazzling depravity of the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, where she plays the sassy wife to Leonardo DiCaprio. She is not only a talented actress but beautiful, sexy and the marquee name to make your summer enjoyable with other catchy upcoming films.

Recognized as Harley Quinn in the movie Suicide Squad, Robbie plays the role of a sexy clown known to cause destruction and mayhem and deeply devoted to the Joker. Also starring as Jane in the film Tarzan, the big time elegant beauty is incredibly involved in this fascinating Africa based movie which was not only a success but an exciting tale that made her even more famous.

Apart from acting Margot is now scene in celebrity images as the new beauty face of Calvin Klein Deep Euphoria fragrance. She also calls herself a Londoner as she has stayed in London for three years where she talks about her ultimate favorite products as well as the secrets of getting set into character.

The vibrant Robbie is ready to get into character for Christopher Robin new upcoming movie Goodbye. Joined on set by her co-star Domhnall Gleeson in Great Windsor Park, the star puts all her charm on display while filming a scene. She is not yet done as Margot Robbie hosted the biggest premiere audience in the Saturday Night Live making it the most successful in eight years.

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