Kim Kardashian the reality TV Queen

Kim Kardashian is without a doubt one of the most complicated celebrity in the world today. With her stunning beauty the 36 years old married to the most successful rapper Kanye West is not easy to keep up with considering which family she comes from, the Kardashians. Kim is not an average celebrity considering what made her famous making her the most followed and recognizable people in the entire world.

With a beautiful family consisting of two gorgeous children, Saint and Northwest she always has something new and upcoming each time she hits the headlines. The spotlight lover only allows cameras to keep up with her whether during family trips, venturing into a new business opportunity or having lunch dates with her lovely sisters Chloe and Kourtney.

With a reality show featuring amazing dash boutiques, QVC lines, and Sears, she is always a smart mother, business woman and not to forget a talented actress having featured in the movies Temptations and Drop Dead Diva.

As she continuous to enjoy her title as a mother, the reality star is currently shunning from the public eye after she was robbed at gunpoint in Paris. With her doting 30 million fans crying out for any news and communications from the celebrity, it seems that the only one obliging to provide the information is his brother Rob Kardashian.

The Keep up with the Kardashians star is slowly coming on her social media after reports had it that the family has done a total security overhaul so that nothing like what happened to will ever be experienced.